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Engaged? How to Merge Your Money Lives

by Bonnie Vengrow

When you're getting married, there's a checklist for everything — except, perhaps, one of the most important things: how to combine your finances with your partner's. Ensuring you're financially in sync now can help your marriage start out on stronger footing. So, here's a checklist on what to discuss before you say "I do."

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Bonnie Vengrow
Bonnie Vengrow is a writer and editor based in NYC. She has written for Parents, The Bump, Rodale's Organic Life, Good Housekeeping, Today.com, and others.


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We get it. Money is complicated. And like any relationship, your relationship with money can be difficult. So how can you make it better? It all begins with a little more engagement—and a little less avoiding. At Citi, we're here to help. So let's get started.

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